Throughout the year we at Leominster Golf Club play host to numerous amounts of events and competitons for all types and skill level golfers. Please navigate through the months in the navigation menu to see what what events are taking place on any given day. We hope to keep this diary up to date on a week to week basis.

DayDate Fixture1st Tee Reserved

September 2018

Thu20thSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat22ndLadies September Medal10.00-10.30
Matthew Finney Memorial Competition11.00-1.00
Sun23rdPresident's Bowl & Tune Trophy +PRESENTATIONS MenCourse closed 8.30-2.30
Tue25thLadies/Seniors ADMAG Trophy9.00-10.30
Thu27thSeniors Captain's Charity8.30-10.30
Sat29thOwen Daly Four Corner Competition shotgun startMeet noon
Sun30th1st Mixed Winter Greensomes11.00-11.30
Mr Fleur Seniors Society x 1611.30-12.30

October 2018

Thu4thSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat6thLadies Salter Greensomes10.00-10.30
Wyedean Comp & Presentation (H)11
Men v Monmouth 12 (A)12
Sun7thLeo vs Hfd / New members / Stakeholders8.00-11.00
Ladies Presidents Prize1.00-2.00
Tue9thLadies Salter Greensomes9.30-11.00
Wed10thLadies v Bransford (H)10
Thu11thSeniors President's Cup/Presentation Day9.00-10.30
Sat13thLadies Stableford & accumulator (9 hole)10.00-10.30
Men v Wharton Park 12 (A)12
Turner/Newman Wedding17
Sun14thLeo vs Hfd + New Members + Stakeholders compShotgun: Course Closed 8.30-1.00
Mon15thSeniors Captain v Vice-Captain9.3
Greens Monthly Maintenance 15th 19th Oct
Tue16thLadies stableford & accumulator (9 hole)9.30-11.00
Wed17th(Shell Pensioners Lunch)10.3
(Wednesday Roll up ends)
Thu18thSeniors Autumn Texas Scramble9.00-10.30
Sat20thLadies October Medal10.00-10.30
Captains v Vice-Captain's v President's Team11
Race night18
Sun21stPairs Stableford 4BBB8.00-11.00
2nd Mixed Winter Greensomes11.30-12.00
Tue23rdLadies Medal9.30-11.00
Wed24thSeniors Round Robin (A) Ross10
Thu25thSeniors Poppy Appeal8.30-10.30
Sat27thLadies Fun Texas Scramble10.00-10.30
Committee Cup
Sun28thDaily Mail Qualifier8.00-11.00
Mon29thSeniors Round Robin v Ludlow (H)9.3
Tue30thLadies Fun Texas Scramble9.30-11.00
Wed31stHalloween Night18

November 2018

Thu1stSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat3rdLadies Stableford & Accumulator (9 h) qualifying10.00-10.30
Committee Cup
Sun4thMonthly Medal (Stableford)8.00-11.00
3rd Mixed Winter Greensomes11.00-11.30
Tue6thLadies Stableford & Accumulator (9 h) qualifying + Poppy appeal9.30-11.00
Thu8thSeniors Stableford8.3
Fri9thSeniors Round Robin v Burghill (H)9.30 am
Sat10thLadies pairs - yellowball10.00-10.30
Men's match v Sapey (H)12
Sun11thPairs Texam (Poppy Appeal) shotgun start8.00-13.00
Mon12thGreens Monthly Maintenance 12th 16th November
Tue13thLadies pairs - yellowball9.30-11.00
Thu15thSeniors Turkey Trot8.30-10.30
Sun18thTurkey Trot Shotgun Start (Course closed)8.30-1.00
Thurs22ndSeniors Stableford9
Sat24thLadies Medal10.00-10.30
Sun25th4 Clubs & a Putter Competition8.00-11.00
Tue27thLadies Medal & fun comp9.30-11.00
Thu29thSeniors Captain's Charity9

December 2018

Sat1stLadies Stableford & Accumulator (9 holes)10.00-10.30
Sun2ndMonthly Medal (Stableford)8.00-11.00
4th Mixed Winter Greensomes11
Tue4thLadies Stableford & Accumulator (9 holes)9.30-11.00
Thu6thSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat8thLadies Medal10.00-10.30
Sun9th3 Man (Beast) Stableford8.00-11.00
Tue11thLadies Medal9.30-11.00
Thu13thSeniors Christmas Capers8.30-10.30
Sat15thLadies 9h Christmas Plate & Christmas Party9.30-12.00
Followed by Ladies AGM & Presentation
Sun16thChristmas Snowball (Yellowball) Comp8.00-11.00
Tue18thLadies Fun comp9.30-11.00
Thu20thSeniors Captain's Charity9
Sat22ndLadies Roll Up10.00-10.30
Sun23rd3 ManTex-Am8.00-11.00
Tues25thChristmas Day Clubhouse Closed
Thu27thHangover Rolling Stableford
Fri28thHangover Rolling Stableford
Sat29thHangover Rolling Stableford
Sun30thHangover Rolling Stableford
Mon31stNew Year's Eve Party8:00 pm

January 2019

Thu3rdSeniors New Year Texas Scramble8.30-10.30
Sat6thLadies Accumulator (qual. 9h) & Drive In10.00-10.30
Sun6thMonthly Medal (Stableford)8.00-11.00
5th Mixed Winter Greensomes11
Tue8thLadies Captain's Drive In & Competition9.30-11.00
(9 holes)& Accumulator (qual 9 holes)
Thu10thSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat12thLadies Mystery Holes Competition10.00-10.30
Sun13thPairs Each Hole Multiplication Stableford8.00-11.00
Tue15thLadies Mystery Holes Competition9.30-11.00
Sat19thLadies January Stableford10.00-10.30
Sun20th3 Man Stableford Best 2 Scores8.00-11.00
Tue22ndLadies January Stableford9.30-11.00
Thu24thSeniors Captain's Charity9
Sat26thLadies Accumulator (Qual. 9 holes)10.00-10.30
Sun27thPairs Total Scores Multiplication Stableford8.00-11.00
Mon28thSeniors Round Robin v Ludlow -16 (A)11
Tue29thLadies Accumulator (Qual. 9 holes)9.30-11.00

February 2019

Sat2ndLadies Yellowball Competition10.00-10.30
Sun3rdMonthly Medal (Stableford)8.00-11.00
6th Mixed Winter Greensomes11.3
Tue5thLadies Yellowball Competition9.30-11.00
Thu7thSeniors Spring Texas Scramble8.30-10.30
Sat9thLadies February Stableford10.00-10.30
Sun10th3 Man Waltzer8.00-11.00
Tue12thLadies February Stableford9.30-11.00
Seniors Round Robin v Burghill (A)10
Thu14thSeniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat16thLadies American Greensomes10.00-10.30
Sun17thPairs 4BBB8.00-11.00
Tue19thLadies American Greensomes9.30-11.00
Thu21stSeniors Captain's Charity9
Sat23rdLadies Accumulator (Qual. 9 holes)10.00-10.30
Sun24thPairs Texam8.30-11.00
Tue26thLadies Accumulator (Qual. 9 holes)9.30-11.00

March 2019

Sat2ndLadies March Stableford10.00-10.30
Men v Sapey 12 (H) TBC12
Sun3rdMonthly Medal (Stableford)8.00-11.00
7th Mixed Winter Greensomes & presentation11.3
Tue5thLadies Stableford9.30-11.00
Thu7thSeniors Tom Smart Trophy (A) at LudlowTBC
Seniors Medal8.30-10.30
Sat9thLadies Medal10.00-10.30
Sun10thBob Proctor Cup8.00-11.00
Tue12thLadies & Seniors Mixed Texas Scramble9.30-11.00
Wed13thGreens Monthly Maintenance 13th 14th March
Thu14thSeniors Westons Cider Cup8.30-10.30
Sat16thLadies Stableford10.00-10.30
Captain's Team v Senior Captain's Team11
Sun17thProfessional's Cup (0-18) & Bossom Bowl (19-28)8.00-11.00
Thu21stSeniors Round Robin v Ross 16 (H)10
Sat23rdLadies Cason Trophy10.00-10.30
Sun24thTom Bishop Cup8.00-11.00
Mon25thSeniors Captain's Charity9
Tue26thLadies Cason Trophy9.30-11.00
Wed27thWednesday Roll-up commences
Thu28thSeniors Texas Scramble Shotgun Start 8.30Course closed
followed by Seniors AGMUntil 1.00
Sun31stWeston Cider Trophy8.00-11.00