Seniors Notice Board

The notice-board is for anyone to leave messages on any subject under the sun from changes in the fixture list, to selling equipment, a good joke, show a photo etc. If you want to say something just contact the Senior Section Secretary and he will ensure it gets put on. Entries will be from bottom up so the most recent remains on top.
Summer Friendly No.3 v Alexander Park.
Our first win of the Summer – it is easy when we play at Ford Bridge. 5 matches to 1 with only the Captain failing to win – a temporary blip no doubt.
Weston Cider Cup.
The hottest April day in London since 1949, and there was warmth and plenty of sunshine for our first Cup competition of the new season. A good entry of 19 pairs for this difficult greensome played off white blocks and in strokeplay format this year. Ron Plant clearly had a good rest in the winter and has returned to the course refreshed and in excellent form; he followed his 2nd place last week with helping Tony Green to the best gross score of the day, 74, and 3rd place with a net 66.3. Taking the money on Presentation Day in October will be Adrian Morris and Malcolm Davies for 2nd place with a gross 86 net 64.8 and the Cup winners Mike Williams and Malcolm Clark, who sadly won’t be cut for their amazing net score of 64.2, gross 82 off hcap 17.8. Mike is the man to draw in any team event, whether pairs or more, as his recent record shows. 4 pairs managed a 2 – evidence perhaps of the difficulties created on the greens by the sand deposited there by the greenkeepers who had begun the Spring greens maintenance work.
Summer Friendlies Nos 1 and 2.
Defeat in the Forest of Dean against Forest Hills by 1-6 was followed by a closer encounter at Wharton Park, but still a loss by 3-4.Perhaps a home match will bring a change of fortune – we play Alexander Park at Ford Bridge on Monday 23rd April.
Thursday 12th April.
While the team of 14 players went to Forest Hills for a summer friendly match 26 others formed 13 pairs for a fun 4BBB competition.The weather was damp, dismal and dreary but the golf was sparkling and sensational.7 players scored a 2 with John Stevenson having one on the 6th and 14th. John and Andy Timmer had a score off 15 holes which most would be pleased with off 18; as they began with 3 points regularly one playing partner was heard to say “it won’t last”, it didn’t – they turned 3 points into 4! 25 points on their back 8 holes gave them an amazing 42 total which was 8 more than 2nd place.4 pairs had 34 and Richard Cattermole with Ron Plant, who had emerged very reluctantly from his winter hibernation, awarded the honour on cb.
A wet winter has been replaced by a sloshing Spring and the first so called summer friendly has been postponed; the fixture at Wharton Park ( should that be Wharter Park) due for today, Tuesday 10th, will be next Tuesday April 17th, first tee at 10 a.m. which gives Bob a bit longer to make calls if weather intervenes again!!
Good luck team at Forest Hills on Thursday.
Round Robin v Burghill Valley.
This twice postponed final match of the 2017/18 winter league was played in mainly sunny conditions but wet underfoot. A 4 – 4 result was enough to give the hosts victory and the championship for the second time, since its inception. For us Roger Richards with Malcolm Clark were the biggest winners(4&3) with Malcolm shocking the home players by scoring par on the first 5 holes; Tony Green and Peter Sandall won 3 & 2,Jim Shaddick with Terry Carver won 2 & 1 as did Captain Bob playing with Alan Hooper.
Bob wishes to thank all those who played in the 6 matches and others who would have played if the team was short. We ended undefeated , drew at home and away with the winners who pipped us by one point by winning at Ross where we were pleased to gain a draw.
A.G.M. Texas Scramble.
14 groups of 3 took to the course on Thursday 29th March prior to our AGM.
John Stevenson with Gary Monk and Terry Carver came 3rd with a gross 69 net 59.5; in 2nd place came Taffy Jones with Mike Barrington and Kevin Waterman gross 66 net 56.7 but clear winners with an amazing score of 64 gross off the lowest hcap of the day and a net 55.8 were Roger Richards, Malcolm Lewis and Mike Williams.
We learnt on the day that George Perry had passed away and his brother Trevor told us there would be a service at Hereford Crematorium on Friday 13th April at 12 p.m.Our thoughts and prayers are with Trevor and his family at this time.
Mixed Seniors/Ladies Texas Scramble. Monday 26th March.
This twice-postponed event was held in glorious sunshine on the warmest day of the year so far. Wendy Lawrenson had 10 Ladies eager to display their talents in the first of our three annual mixed events and Alan Hooper found 10 Seniors who combined to make 5 teams of four. 5 shots separated 1st to 5th, with .5 dividing 1st and 2nd on their net score – their gross being exactly the same. The winners: Angela Southwell, Carol Gardner, Phil Green and Alan Hooper gross 73 hc 7.7 so net 65.3; 2nd Lesley Turbutt, Kath Parsons, Vince Fish and Nigel Moore, gross 73 hc 7.2 so net 65.8.

RR v Ross. Home Thursday 22nd March.
Considering the snow which fell last weekend our course was in excellent condition, although we played over 16 holes with 9 and 10 being waterlogged. We needed to win in order to make the final match against Burghill a winner-takes-all situation. The match was tight with 4 winning pairs for us and 3 for Ross, and the crucial half gained by Malcolm Clark with Roger Richards who sank 2 very good putts on their last 2 holes to secure the draw and give us a 4.5 – 3.5 victory. Tony Green with Pete Sandall had the biggest win 7 & 6; other winners were Mike Privett with John Stevenson 5 & 3; Captain Bob Holloway with Alan Hooper 3 & 2; and showing what tight margins these events come down to Dave Jones and Kevin Waterman who won 1 up.
Best wishes to the team at Burghill after Easter – 1st tee 10.26.
Seniors A.G.M. next Thursday preceded by a Texas Scramble for which the teams are posted. £5 sub is now due.
RR v Burghill Valley has been postponed again; we hope to play there on Tuesday April 3rd.
Weston Cider: 1st available Thursday is April 19th, with Captain’s Charity event moving to Monday 16th. A new sign up sheet may appear before then.
If you have not signed up for Wharton Park or Forest Hills, please let Bob Holloway know if you would like to play.
Fixture cards are available from Alan Hooper, and can be taken at the AGM.
Thursday 8th March.
A good number played in the latest Stableford competition to raise money for the Captain’s charity; sadly recent snow and rain cut our course down to 13 holes. Nevertheless once the early chill had gone, conditions were ok, though the wind remained strong. Taffy Jones won the day with 28 pts, scoring a 2 for 4 pts on the 17th and a birdie for 4 more on the 8th. Malcolm Lewis took 2nd place with 27 pts and Dave Botwood, the other one to score a 2, came 3rd with 26pts. The event did not qualify in the Race to Ford Bridge since 4 of our membership were representing the Club in the annual Tom Smart trophy at Ludlow.
Round Robin/Winter League.
Latest league table from Round Robin Co-ordinator Bill Brown reveals that Burghill beat Ludlow at Ludlow, making them favourites to take the title. However if Bob Holloway can lead our team to a win at Burghill on Monday next and we win v Ross at Ford Bridge in March we will regain the trophy, which escaped our grasp last year.
Thursday 22nd February.
The latest Captain’s Charity event attracted a strong field of 37 of whom one, John Treanor, has a non competition handicap. A chilly day became colder as play entered the afternoon, but the course was good, though heavy.
Top 3 players were Graham Flowers 34 pts off 24 hc, Jim Shaddick 37 pts off 14, and the winner Mike Barrington 39 off 23. 4 players scored a two – Graham Flowers, Derek Langford, Bryan Leech and Bill Harris. The short (par 3) 10th was in play which means the event was a non qualifier as far as handicap changes are concerned but of course it was a qualifier in the Race to Ford Bridge. 80 players have managed at least 1 round in this new competition and 22 have past the 100 pts mark.Latest leaderboard shows Jim Shaddick on 232, Bill Harris 180, Kevin Room 165, Malcolm Davies 160 and Graham Flowers 156.
The Race To Ford Bridge.
Jim Shaddick increased his lead in this ongoing competition with 33 pts for 7th position in the postponed Xmas Capers. He now has 197 points from the 7 qualifying rounds so far in which his scores have been consistently good as follows: 33,38,29,21,21,26,29.
14 players have passed 100 points:
Jim Shaddick 197: 33,38,29,21,21,26,29.
Bill Harris 154: 28,28,25,16,20,20,17
Malcolm Davies 149: 36,19,39,25,30
Kevin Room 133: 26,6,41,18,21,21
Jimmy Lindsay 123: 1,40,38,24,20
Alan Hooper 123: 21,27,17,17,16,16,9.
Graham Flowers 122: 35,18,35,7,5,15,7,
Dave Botwood 114: 9,11,33,15,23,23.
Bob Holloway 114: 10,37,28,8,14,12,5.
Dave Jones 109: 17,21,23,25,23,
Kevin Waterman 108: 38,34,14,22
Taffy Jones 103: 39,15,15,22,12
Terry Bufton 101: 34,44,23.
Ian Robertson 100: 10,40,12,19,19

A.D.H. Feb ’18

Christmas Capers/New Year Capers/February Capers.
At last conditions were fit for our twice postponed Christmas Capers.
Many thanks must go to our Competitions Secretary for reorganising this event and to our treasurer for funding so many prizes. A £10 entry fee secured a round of golf with a twos sweep and nourishment afterwards in the form of sandwiches and chips.
Winners of vouchers for being the 6 best scorers on the day were as follows: 1st Taffy Jones 38 pts, 2nd Kevin Waterman 37, 3rd Phil Samuel 35, 4th Malcolm Davies 35, 5th Graham Flowers 34, and 6th Paul Chapman 34.
Winners for being powerful and straight off the tee and securing longest drives were: Roger Richards (7th) Rob Harris ( 8th) Jim Shaddick (9th) and on 13th Dave Jones.
Winners s for being powerful and accurate on par fives to be nearest pin in 3 were Roger Richards (4th) and Mike Privett on 12th.
N/P in 2 on 5th was Bill Harris, and on 18 was Adrian Morris.
Nearest the pin with an accurate tee shot were: on 6 Peter Sandall, on 14 Jim Shaddick, on 10 Kevin Waterman, and on 17 Roger Richards. John Stephenson won a prize for best total score on the par 3s.
The advertised mystery prize went to Terry Carver who carried on valiantly, not to say manfully, when the wind and the cold seemed to affect him more than most, and his “never-say-die” attitude gained him 16pts and a bottle of wine!
This competition will qualify for the race to Ford Bridge, update to follow.

Spring Texas Scramble.
A dry, cold day with conditions better than last Thursday greeted the 10 groups of 3 for this annual fun day.
Recently even when the course has been limited to only a few holes, one or two players have been spotted practising their skills and this practice certainly paid dividends today for Mike Williams and Dave Botwood. Jimmy Lindsay joined them and together they scored a gross 66 net 59 – the winning score. In 2nd place came Bill Brown, Adrian Morris and Phil Samuel with a gross 71 net 60.3 whose score was augmented by 2 2s, on 6 and 17. As always in these events the winners were separated from last place by fewer than 7 shots, which shows how crucial accurate putting can be.
February Medal. Thursday 1st Feb.
Only Bob Gerbez mastered the very tricky conditions in the latest competition for our group; congratulations Bob on winning with 37pts and securing your place in the Presidents Cup in October. Malcolm Clark scored a valiant 30pts to gain 2nd place in div 2 behind Bob. Malcolm Davies with 34pts won div 3 followed by the 3rd Malcolm in our ranks, the Lewis variety, with 27pts. In div 1 where the golfers have it hardest, Michael Privett did exceedingly well to gain 35pts (off hc 11) closely followed on 34 by Mr Consistent Jim Shaddick. Paul Green the lowest handicapper on the day showed his class by scoring the only 2 of the day – at the 17th.
Jim Shaddick’s position of 4th overall gave him 29 pts in the “Race to Ford Bridge” which he leads by 28pts from Bill Harris; 6 others have now passed 100.
The Round Robin, winter league resumed today, 29th January with an away match at Ludlow.
Away wins are like gold dust in this competition; none had been secured by any team in the pre- Christmas matches.
To recap on our form we had won v Ludlow at Ford Bridge, gained a point for a half at Ross but disappointingly dropped a point at home to Burghill Valley. Today there were good wins for Andy Timmer with Kevin Waterman 1 up, Roger Richards with Malcolm Clark 3 & 2, Jim Shaddick with Terry Carver 2 & 1; valuable halves were score by Ian Ashcroft with Bob Gerbez, Dave Botwood with Phil Samuel and Tony Green with Pete Sandall – all these results contributing to a 4.5 – 3.5 WIN. 2 matches remain – away to Burghill at end of Feb and home to Ross in March.

Thursday 18th Multiplication Pairs -Became an individual Stableford owing to drop outs and then abandoned because of heavy rain before some had finished even 9 holes. Ray Chambers and Taffy Jones with 17 pts from 9 were deemed to be winners, with Ray in first place on cb.
Happy New Year to ALL SENIORS.
Sadly our first competition of the year fell foul to the weather but the January Medal went ahead on Thursday 11th. Iain Ashcroft made light of the heavy conditions and scored an impressive 40 pts off his 15 handicap; Iain was overall winner and takes his place for the first time in the President’s cup next October. Only 1 pt behind him in div 1 was Jim Shaddick with 39 off 14. In div 2 Kevin Room was winner with 33 off 17, closely followed by our hardworking treasurer with 32 off 17. Div 3 was won by Malcolm Davies with 35 off 26 with Phil Samuel 2nd with 32 off 22.
Look out on the changing room noticeboard for details of a new fun competition called “The Race to Ford Bridge” – based on the “Race to Dubai” with points to be won not pounds.Currently after 5 rounds Jim Shaddick is the leader.
The snow of last week has been blamed for a poor turnout in today’s roll-up/ Captain’s charity event- we did not know what it was until it was all over! but some query why a full comp over 18 holes does not qualify as a qualifier resulting in handicap changes. On the day 18 Seniors were pleased to be out on the course rather than in the shops or visiting relatives pre Christmas, and enjoyed fair to reasonable conditions. Bill Brown 35 pts and Mike Privett 36 pts must have thought they were in with a chance of taking the top prizes until Malcolm Clark came in with an amazing 43 pts – 10 pars and a birdie mean the handicap secretary will be showing interest in a round 7 under par. 9 Mizuno balls were the prize for Alan Hooper who achieved the only 2 of the day, on the tricky 17th.
An unofficial roll-up next Thursday for those who are not Vikings; then we come to 2018 with Jan 4th New Year Scramble and 11th Medal.
Round Robin:
Additional to the fixture card: Jan 29th Away to Ludlow; Feb 26th Away to Burghill Valley.

CHRISTMAS CAPERS HAS BEEN CANCELLED. It may reappear as a New Year Capers.
Sympathetic Captain. Our Captain has decided that he will consider sympathetically any requests to extend the deadline for outstanding Singles and Pairs matches – many were scheduled for this week and are unlikely to be played owing to the SNOW.
Winter Pairs and Singles.
Remember to pay, by putting £3 in an envelope for the treasurer, before you play and since they are CUP competitions we play off WHITE tees.
December Medal.Thursday 7th.
Only 23 players competed; many presumably had been put off by a poor weather forecast, but on the day there was no rain and conditions were good with a little wind. Although it was a Medal and so played off the “easier” yellow tees no one played to his handicap and the computer decided no one should have even the slightest change to his handicap. Our organiser on the day decided too that there were only enough players for 1 division.
Congratulations to Dave Jones who proved you can’t keep a quality player down; he won on cb with 34 pts playing off 10 – the lowest hcap off the day; and 2nd a man in fine form Jim Shaddick, whose 34 pts were gained from a 14 hcap.
3 players managed a 2- well done Ted Amos, Graham Flowers, and Norman Whittall.
Christmas Capers next Thursday 14th – a shotgun start at 9; individual Stableford followed by light refreshments.
Thursday 30th November. Captain’s Charity.
28 Seniors took to the course on a day which was not as cold as forecast. Kevin Rivers had the best round with 38 Stableford points and 3 players had 35, of whom Andy Timmer came 2nd on cb from Derek Langford and Dave Jones. Ian Robertson and Terry Bufton enjoyed the experience of a 2 on 14.
Next Competition is December Medal next Thursday.
Tri Match v Ludlow v Cleobury Mortimer at Ludlow.
6 pairs went to Ludlow to play in this annual event; the only pair to win was Ian Robertson with Bob Gerbez who defeated a Cleobury pair. Bill Brown and Kevin Waterman gained a draw and had the distinction of being the only pair to take a point off Ludlow. Full result Ludlow 11 pts, Cleobury 4, LGC 3.
While 12 players were away at Ludlow 26 others competed at Ford Bridge in an individual Stableford which was won by Graham Flowers with 34pts. Well done Graham for winning on cb from Iain Ashcroft and Malcolm Davies.
November Medal Thursday 16th November
A long day, lots of time spent either watching those in front searching for their balls among the leaves which had spread from under the trees across all fairways, or looking hopefully for your own ball; all this frustration contributed to a most miserable day for many but 3 players came through manfully with scores under par.
Terry Bufton was the star performer with 40 pts to win div 1 and overall; Phil Green with 38 won div 2 from Iain Ashcroft on cb; div 3 was won by Malcolm Davies with 34 pts. Congratulations to Jim Shaddick for scoring the only 2 of the day. Clearly conditions were bad since the competition scratch score was 71, 3 shots more than usual off yellows. Let us hope for some gale force winds soon to blow the leaves away.
Round Robin v Burghill Valley Home Friday 10th November.
After 3 matches in this year’s winter league we would have expected 4pts from 2 home and 1 away fixtures; we have 4 pts but the latest result will have been a disappointment, since we managed only a draw at Ford Bridge against Burghill. 2 of our pairs lost 1 down, so a win overall was very close, but equally an overall defeat could have been the result, as there were 2 halved matches. Well done to the 3 winning pairs: Jim Shaddick & Terry Carver, Dave Jones & Pete Sandall and Ian Robertson & Rod Garvey, but also to Captain Bob and his partner, Codger, for holding their nerve and winning the 18th to gain an all important half. These matches take a mid winter break and our next match will be in January against Ludlow at the racecourse.

LOOK OUT for the KO cups’ draw – singles and pairs will appear soon; remember to put your entry fee in an envelope BEFORE you play or risk disqualification.
President’s Cup. Thursday 2nd November.
This competition, postponed from 2 weeks before, fared much better and so did the players. 7 of the 17 qualifiers returned a par or better score playing off the white blocks, but leading the way with the best gross and net score was Mike Privett who shot a 75 gross 63 net. Mike Barrington came 2nd with gross 92 net 68.
Ian Robertson who recorded a NR was the toast of the clubhouse for a hole in one on the 6th.
While the season’s winners were competing in the above, the “also rans” had a Consolation Stableford; Bill Brown in excellent form recently took first prize with 39 pts beating Alan Roberts on cb. Roger Richards and Malcolm Davies with 38pts were the only others who matched the CSS which off yellow blocks was 38pts. Lots of twos on the day which can be seen on Masterscoreboard with the full result.
We are very grateful that the shirt reported as missing yesterday has been returned to the changing room and thence to its relieved owner. Was this a poltergeist or other spirit connected to Halloween? No matter all is well now and our thoughts can return to GOLF.
Re-run of Presidents Cup and consolation stableford postponed from 2 weeks ago is TOMORROW, 2nd Nov.
During our match v Ludlow a Senior’s shirt disappeared from the changing room; it is the sort that many of us wear – blue in colour, short sleeves and with the Leominster crest and words Leominster Golf Club Seniors Section written on the left breast. The owner had hoped to show his loyalty and wear it during the meal with our opponents, but it was not where he had left it in the changing-room. If you find you have taken it in error, you will soon discover that it is far too big for you, and we would appreciate its return as soon as possible either to the place from which it was removed or to Nigel in the pro shop, who will re-unite it with its proper owner. Please check your bag and/or your conscience as soon as possible.
Round Robin v Ludlow, at Ford Bridge.
Ludlow G C have joined our winter league as a replacement for Upper Sapey, and their first match became a baptism of fire. Even with some first choice players missing from our team owing to being included in the Ken Smith venture, we scored a decisive 6.5 – 1.5 victory. Remarkably 3 of our pairs won 4 & 2 viz Jim Shaddick with Bob Gerbez, Terry Bufton with Kevin Waterman and Phil Samuel with Mike Privett whose holes 1 to 9 on the course were completed in 39 shots.Bob Holloway with Alan Hooper won a tighter match than last week, 2 up after being in front for the first time after the 17th. A birdie on the last by Malcolm Clark enabled him with Terry Carver to win their match.
The team for Burghill on Nov 9th is on the board.
British Legion Poppy Appeal Day.
40 Seniors played in an individual Stableford competition to raise money for this wonderful cause.
Jimmy Lindsay was the star performer and he was delighted once more to have a gross score (74) which is less than his age; well done Jim; his round produced 41 pts which beat 2nd place Ray Chambers by 3. It was good to see relative new comer Jim Shaddick in the prizes with 38 too and Bob Holloway continuing his run of success with 37.
Captain Vince announced that £250 would be making its way to the British Legion – an excellent effort.
Round Robin v Ross Away.
A daunting prospect to visit Ross the current champions in our first match in the 2017/2018 season. We could still feel the pain of an 8-0 drubbing a year ago, but a beautiful, sunny day dawned on us and spirits were high from the start. Bob Holloway led his team from the front and played far better than his 24 handicap to win 4 & 3; a bigger win was achieved by Dave Jones with Phil Green (5&3) and Roger Richards ably assisted by Malcolm Clark also won a close match 2 up. 2 matches were halved to give us a 4-4 draw – a point away from home has been crucial in the past, it may well prove to be so again.
Next match v Ludlow at Ford Bridge on Monday.
President’s Cup and Consolation Stableford. Thursday 19th October.
The rain which some had predicted would come eventually became so heavy and persistent that the two competitions held on Presentation day were abandoned and postponed till November.
The Annual Presentation of Cups and Trophies.
Previously in these pages I have highlighted the wonderful achievements of 2 of our members; if proof were needed of their abilities it was clearly to be seen on Thursday afternoon, when the prizes were presented. Congratulations to Malcolm Clark on winning not only the Tedd Trophy and Summer Singles but also this year’s Eclectic Cup; and to Kevin Waterman on picking up the Memorial Cup, Winter Pairs and silver medal in The Net Championship. Clearly this is not enough for Kevin since he has ditched his old clubs in favour of a whole new set of PINGS, in order to win even more next year!! Dave Jones retained the other ongoing trophy – the Geoff Skelton Cup – for the best average score over 5 qualifying Medal rounds from March to October.
2017/18 Round Robin.
This year’s competition begins next week with an away match against Ross the current holders on Weds. The following Monday we entertain Ludlow, new opposition in our Winter League following the withdrawal of Upper Sapey and The Worcestershire.
Captain v Vice. Monday 16th October.
38 members played in this annual match with everyone’s Stableford score contributing to the teams’ total.
Best score for the Captain came from Mike Privett with 44 pts; best for the Vice was Mike Barrington with 38. Perhaps the key to success came in the performance of the 2 team leaders – whereas Vince came 2nd in his team with 38pts, the responsibility affected Bob’s play to the extent that he was the strongest man in the field propping up all the rest with a valiant 25.This year’s winners were the Captain’s team with 632 pts 25 ahead of the Vice on 607.
October Medal. Thursday 12th October.
This was the last chance for some to win a place in the President’s Cup. A lovely sunny day, spoilt only by the annual Autumn problem of leaves on the course; this did not prevent some remarkable scoring. There were 8 twos; 6 players received a cut in their handicap and 7 scored a sub 70 net score.
Congratulations to Bill Brown on winning div 3 with a gross 89 net 66, and Phil Samuel whose net 70 won him 2nd place; in div 1 well done Vince on a net 69 which was best with Derek Langford net 70 2nd. But amazingly in div 2 5 players stormed around with Kaz gross 90 net 69, Mike Williams gross 89 net 69 and Bryan Leech gross 85 net 66 impressing until you see Bob Gerbez gross 86 net 65 – but even that was not enough to win even his division since Ed (Taffy) Jones had a wonderful gross 79 net 63 to win the Medal and secure his place next Thursday in the President’s Cup.
LOOK OUT for teams in the annual Captain v Vice on Monday; if you signed up you will be playing- even the reserves! ring SOMEBODY if you are unsure; David, Vince or the Hon Sec.
Autumn Texas Scramble.Thurs 5th October.
A Scramble to replace the AGM Scramble, now that we have the AGM in March.
A very popular event, which is spoilt if even 1 of our members fails to arrive, which unfortunately happened again.
Scrambles always produce very close results and today’s event was no exception. The first 6 places were separated by 2 shots both on gross and net scores.The lowest gross(67) was scored by Jimmy Lindsay, Kevin Rivers and Phil Samuel who managed 5 birdies but took only the silver medal as they were pipped on cb by Vince Fish, Ian Robertson and Bill Brown, gross 68 net 59; in 3rd place came Bryan Leech, Jim Shaddick and Mike Williams 69 – 60.
In order to win the balls sweep, 2 twos were required: Richard Cattermole, with Trevor Perry and Pete Sandall had a two on 3 holes but gladly shared the balls with Ron Plant playing with Malcolm Lewis and Alan Hooper.
Captain v Vice. This will be played on Monday 16th and will take the form of 4BBB with every pair’s score adding to their team score.

Final Summer Friendly Fixture of 2018. v Church Stretton Home.
This match was postponed from September owing to the absence of regulars who were in Devon on the date of the arranged fixture. Apart from the autumnal leaves which have fallen early this year the delay seemed to suit us as we avenged our defeat on the their hills with a winning margin of 6-0. No matches were even close but the biggest winners were Peter Sandall and Terry Carver who could not hold back his excitement at scoring a couple of birdies.
The win makes our results look like: W 12 L 9. Now for the winter league!
Thursday 28th September. 2 Man Texas Scramble.
A new format for the latest Captain’s Charity Day, which proved very popular once the different feel to the round had eased. The outstanding golf of the day came from Dave Botwood and Phil Lawrenson who were playing off the lowest handicap, who scored 5 birdies and the lowest gross (70), and deservedly took first prize with a net 64.7. In 2nd place came Paul Oatley and Malcolm Clark with a net 65.5 gross 75; they started most impressively owing to Paul’s 7 iron shots into the the first 2 greens which set up unmissable birdies; in 3rd place were Bob Holloway and Alan Hooper with net 66 gross 75.

Summer Singles Final.Tuesday 26th September.
In conditions more akin to winter than summer, with wet fairways and slow greens, Malcolm Clark and Ron Plant had a close encounter in which Malcolm prevailed on the 18th to win 2 up. Congratulations to both who have been in top form recently.
The Admag. Tuesday 26th.
The last of our Seniors/Ladies internal competitions for 2017 – The Alun Davies Mixed American Greensome. Once again Wendy Lawrenson worked wonders arranging the pairings with most having around 20 shots. A field of 10 pairs shows that there is plenty of demand for our mixed events, which have brought much joy this summer. Remarkably the first 4 places had balanced scores front and back – 4th/3rd 16 & 16; 2nd 18 & 18 and the winners 19 & 19!
Prizes were won by Richard Cattermole N/P for the men on 6 and Carol Gardner for the Ladies on 14.In 2nd place with 36 pts Vince Fish with Kath Parsons and in first place with 38pts Alan Hooper with Joan Hunt.
Summer Friendly v Bransford. W10 L9
Disappointment at this match played at Ford Bridge with a home defeat recorded.The only winners were Phil Lawrenson with Kevin Waterman and captain Bob Holloway and Rod Garvey who recovered from 5 down after 9.
Congratulations to Summer Pairs winners.
Seniors’ Captain Vince Vince Fish put the worries of captaincy behind him when in partnership with John Stevenson he won the final of the summer pairs by beating Gary Monk and Bob Crump at the first extra hole.
Derrick Jones Cup.
It was lovely to see Vicky Jones present at the presentation of the prizes on a wet day when the scoring reflected the miserable conditions. In a field of 41 only Kerry Price with 36pts recorded par with Tony Dallow 2nd with 34 and Bryan Leech 3rd with 34.

September Medal.14th September.
Only 30 members competed for the Medal competition today.
Ron Plant,fresh from his disappointment last week shot the lowest gross 79, and won div 1 with a net 66; the ever consistent Dave Jones came 2nd with gross 80 net 70.In div 2 Kevin Rivers took the honours with net 68 gross 87, with summer pairs finalist John Stevenson in 2nd place with net 71 gross 91. Div 3 voucher winners were Phil Samuel 1st, gross 92 net 70,ahead of Trevor Perry gross 95 net 71.
73 Seniors have played in at least 1 summer Medal; only 21 can qualify for the Geoff Skelton Medal Cup, which requires 5 scores to be recorded from the 7 summer Medals this year. Leading the field are Dave Jones and Mike Barrington; October Medal could be crucial.
Summer Friendly(19)v Wharton Park. Monday 11th.
Windy but generally dry conditions were the order of the day for this return fixture at Ford Bridge. We lost away earlier in the Spring, with 7 pairs (1-6) but reversed the result today, securing a 4-2 victory. Record now reads W11 L8.
The Ancients’ Cup. Thursday 7th September.
On a day when the scoring was generally high one individual performance stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Earlier in these pages I reported our pleasure at seeing the handicap of our own “Crafty Cockney” cut to 16, a similar run of remarkable performances has resulted in Kevin Waterman’s handicap coming down from 22.9 in June to 17.4 today. A gross score of 82 with 7 pars in the last 9 holes gave Kevin a net 61 and lowest gross on the day.
Of course Kevin’s youthful appearance and real age meant that even this score could not beat Charlie Tune’s gross 105 once his handicap and age allowance were deducted; so once again we say “Congratulations Charlie you have won!”
Spare a thought for Ron Plant who stood on the 18th tee with a gross 79 on his card and one hand on the trophy, but the golfing gods intervened and Ron had to be satisfied with 2nd place. You can check all scores, before age allowance deductions, on Masterscoreboard as usual.
Captain’s Day.
Vince Fish welcomed everyone with a goodie bag which included a Mars Bar,tees, a ball, and a ball marker and pitch repairer displaying the 50th anniversary logo. 48 players were there supporting the captain who put the entry fees to his charity and supplied the prizes from donations and his own pocket. Such was the standard of play on the day that off yellow tees the competition scratch came out as gross 68 and 38 Stableford points. Vince gave prizes to 12th place, but the top 4 were Dave Jones 4th (38) and Malcolm Davies 3rd (38), Alan Hooper 2nd (39) and the winner Andy Timmer with a wonderful 44 pts. Spot prizes were won as follows: NP on 6 Phil Truscott, NP on 14 Andy Timmer, NP on 17 Derek Langford, NP in 2 on 18 Jim Shaddick.
A wonderful day- thanks Vince for all your hard work.
Past Captains’ Away Day and Committee Cup.
This year’s event was held for the third time at Ombersley Golf Club. A pleasant day, on a pleasant but uninspiring course, saw 8 of the 13 players score over 36 Stableford points. Phil Samuel had a remarkable round with 20 points on the front 9 and 26 on the back, which ensured he won the Past Captains’ Cup and Ian Robertson was awarded the Committee Cup with 38 points plus a prize for the longest drive; Bill Brown won nearest the pin prize.
The Memorial Cup. Thursday 24th August.
Kevin Waterman booked his place in the President’s Cup in October with a splendid win in this competition. His gross 88 net 66 was a round of 2 distinct halves, poor/average 1st 9, followed by outstanding 2nd, which included 2 twos. The 40 also rans were led by Phil Green, gross 84 net 67, who beat Ian Fraser on cb; 2 others were under par with gross 84 net 68 came Ian Robertson and Ed Jones gross 86 net 69.
Off the course.
Our thanks are due to Richard Cattermole, who has given up some considerable time and plenty of effort to improve the appearance of our buildings. Most recently he has painted the outside toilet to the right of the 11th tee. Well done Richard!
The Phone Number Challenge: 01568 v The Rest aka Leominster v The Rest.
This is the Seniors’ equivalent to Leominster v Hereford. This year the match was played as an individual Stableford with scores accumulating into a final team total. 15 players competed on each side and the result was a 2 point win for The Rest. Individually Alan Hooper 39 and Trevor Perry 37 were top scorers for Leominster while David O’Dowd was 2nd best for the Rest with 34 and the outstanding round of the day was achieved by Andy Timmer with an amazing 44 pts.

Sunday 20th August.
Every man in the mixed pairs competing in the John Morris Shield today was a Senior. The course was excellent and the weather warm and the scores incredibly tight. The first 3 places were decided on countback, with Carol Gardner and Cyril Jennings in 3rd place beaten by Lesley Turbutt and Bob Holloway, who were 2nd behind the winners Julie Powell and Alan Hooper,all on 34 points, which represents good scoring in the Foursomes format.

Thursday 17th August. Captain’s Away Day.
Vince Fish chose Cradoc Golf Club as the venue for his Away Day, and a very popular choice it proved. The course and food were excellent.A 3 man Texas Scramble was the order of the day and in the first 5 places came trios with high handicaps very close to 10, with the exception of Dave Jones, Roger Richards and Derek Langford who played off 5 and came 3rd with a net 63.2nd place was taken by Paul Chapman, Rob Harris and Phil Truscott gross 72 net 62 and the winners Kevin Waterman, Rod Garvey and Alex Tandler gross 72 net 61 and a bit!

Monday 14th August Summer Friendly v Cleobury Mortimer.
A home match and so another win, but the result was in the balance for a while with the early finishers poised at 2-2; then with strength in the tail Andy Timmer with Cyril Jennings and Ray Chambers with Kevin Room produced 2 winning scores to give us a 4-2 victory. Only 3 fixtures left this summer, all at Ford Bridge, and with the balance looking W10 L8 we could/should be in the black at the end of this season.
REMEMBER: Change of date for Church Stretton – Oct 2nd and Llandod have ended summer friendlies for the foreseeable future.

David Kent Cup. Thursday 10th August.
A field of 44 players contested the David Kent Cup and despite a fine day with no rain and only a light breeze the scoring was high. Only 3 managed a sub 70 net score, so hearty congratulations to Bob Holloway on a gross 92 net 66 which won by 2 shots from Tom Tandler, gross 89 net 68, with Kevin Room 3rd, gross 85 net 69. Once again in a competition there was only one 2, scored by Phil Samuel on hole 17. Dave Jones had yet another “honour” by achieving the lowest gross of the day, 81.

From 23.7 to 15.9
A lot of golfers will not see much change in their handicap from year to year, many will play regularly and never seem to improve. Now and again we see in our Senior section an exception and the latest is Malcolm Clark; Malcolm has been with us about 3 years, give or take a few months, and through regular playing both with the Main Club at weekends and midweek with the Seniors he has seen his handicap come down from 23.7 in May 2016 to his current 15.9; well done Malcolm – single figures should be your long term target, maybe 12 by Christmas?

Mixed Match v Monmouth Away Monday 7th August.
5 pairs of Seniors and Ladies went to Monmouth and mostly found the slopes and undulations too severe for their game. The result a 1-4 loss, with the only winners Mike Privett and Carol Gardner.
August Medal. Thursday 3rd August.
A great day for our captain, who seems to have recovered fully from his operations earlier in the year; Vince was one of 4 whose net score was sub 70, he won div 1 with his net 66, and he scored the only 2; however it was in-form Rod Garvey who took the place in the President’s cup for his best of the day net 65 which obviously also won div 2. In div 3 it was good to see Dilwyn James and Tony Dallow taking the vouchers for their net 71, Dilwyn first on cb.
Richard Cattermole put his recent high scores behind him with the lowest gross of the day – 75.
Isn’t it wonderful when investment pays off? One of our members bought a new driver recently and hoped he would be able to hit the ball further off the tee; I was honoured and amazed to see him only centimetres from the 4th green after 2 wonderful strikes- and this into a very stiff wind, with his playing partners at least 100 yards away. Well done Malcolm, may all your drives be long and straight!

Bob Holloway and Vince will be sorting the teams for the phone number challenge,Monday 21st August. Sign up before the sheet disappears.
Summer Friendly.No 17. Home v Forest Hills.Monday 31st July.
Hopes were high going into this match since we actually won away in April; but no one was expecting this result. 7 pairs took to the course on the first day of greens week, which created a problem only on the 10th green; 2 matches were close affairs finishing in our favour with 1 up victories; the others brought convincing wins – the most notable of these a 7 & 6 victory for Bob Gerbez and Alan Hooper. Record now stands W9 L8.

July Medal.
What a difference a division makes! 2 players in div 1 Terry Bufton and Kerry Price have net scores below par and receive a cut in handicap but win nothing, because of the brilliance of Ted Amos gross 79 net 65 and Dave Jones gross 76 (lowest on the day) also net 65, winner on cb; while in div 2 Rod Garvey picks up 2nd prize for gross 89 net 72. Well done to 3 others with a net sub 70, always the target despite 68 being par off yellows; these were Taffy Jones gross 85 net 69 to win div 2 and Trevor Perry gross 92 net 68 to win div 3 with Terry Carver gross 92 net 69 in 2nd place. 7 players had a 2; full scores etc on Masterscoreboard.

Summer Friendly. Cleobury Mortimer. Away Monday 24th July.
Cleobury’s course was beautifully presented in readiness for an Open Tex-Am on Tuesday; however something in the air did not suit our team as 4 pairs lost and the only winners were Bob Holloway with Alan Hooper who secured a 3&2 victory.P16 W8 L8.

Open Pairs. Thursday 20th July.
Probably one of the most successful ever! Congratulations to all involved especially Ian Robertson who had most to do with the organisation. 46 pairs took part from 13 different clubs, approximately half were local LGC members. 13 pairs scored 43 pts or more – an indication of how well the course is playing. The winners were Derek Langford and Peter Sandall with 46, followed by 3 pairs on 45, all from Leominster! Full names and scores can be found on Masterscoreboard.

Church Stretton Return Match. This has been altered and will be played on Monday 2nd OCTOBER.

Weekend Main Club Golf.
On Sunday 15th 2 of our Seniors had excellent rounds in a Main Club competition: congratulations to Terry Bufton who won Division 1 with a net 67 and Mike Barrington Div 2 with an amazing net 64!!

Summer Friendly v Church Stretton. P15 W8 L7
A defeat on the glorious undulating slopes of the Long Mynd; we lost 1.5 – 4.5 with stand in captain Ian Robertson the only winner, assisted by Jimmy Lindsay; Ian shot a sub 80. The half was gained by Terry Carver and Ray Chambers.

The Championship Round 2 Thursday 13th July.
The 2nd day of our championship and good weather again contributed to more good scores; some of the best from day 1 fell away in this round and others who improved on their first round scores significantly.
Ray Chambers equalled his gross 76 of day 1 to take the major prize with Roger Richards also gross 76 in 2nd place. Terry Richards won overall net prize with another net 68, gross 80; in 2nd place Kevin Waterman 71 to add to his 68 in round 1. In the consolation Stableford Bernard Hughes, Taffy Jones and Alan Hooper took the first 3 places in that order all with a net 66.
The Championship. Round 1 Monday 10th July.
A super day for golf and 41 Seniors took to the course. For the seriously good players there were 6 who scored a gross sub 80, and leading this field were Ray Chambers 76, Phil Lawrenson 77 and Gary Monk 78; not far behind came Richard Cattermole 78, Jimmy Lindsay and Roger Richards 79. When the net scores came off the computer 3 of these were in the medal positions Gary net 66, Phil 67, Ray 67, and in close pursuit Kevin Waterman 68, Terry Richards 68, Mike Barrington, Richard Cattermole, and Andy Timmer 69. 6 2s were recorded.

Captain’s Away Day.
All are invited to join our captain Vincent Fish at Cradoc Golf Club on Thursday 17th August. A sign up sheet is on the noticeboard. Let us support our captain and get a good number – the golfing day will be organised as a team event.

Summer Friendly at Builth.
A win on the road! A beautiful day, course in excellent condition and the usual brilliant carvery meal to put the icing on the cake. Things did not look so promising when the first 2 scores came in as losses but the next 4 secured the tie; first Alan Hooper with Malcolm Clark 2&1, followed by the Kevs Room and Waterman, best of the day 7&6, then Pete Sandall with Bill Brown 4&3 and finally Terry Carver with Paul Oatley, crucially holding their nerve on the last to win 1 up.

Brilliant Botty.
While the team was away at Builth the rest were playing an additional Stableford and some super golf was on display: full result on Masterscoreboard but special mention here to Dave Botwood 45 pts, John Stevenson 42, and Ted Amos 40. % others had 36 or more in a field of 39 players – all warming up for next week’s Senior Championship held over 2 days,on Monday and Thursday.

Summer Friendly 13 v Little Lakes.
A home match -another win. 4.5 – 1.5 gaining revenge for defeat away in May. Big wins for Captain Vince with Mike Williams who led the way with a 5 & 4 win, closely followed by Terry Carver and Bob Holloway 4 & 3. We are now in the black W7 L6. Oh to win away again, a chance presents itself at Builth on Thursday.

National Seniors Club Classic Plate Competition. Friday 30th June.
After losing in the first round proper at Mile End our 2nd foray in this event was a home tie v Shrewsbury Golf club in the Plate Competition at Ford Bridge. The rules allow away players to have an extra shot on their handicap and on the day all 4 of our players were giving shots to the opposition. The result stood at 2 -2 with wins for Alan Hooper 2 up and Roger Richards 1 up; Vince Fish and Jimmy Lindsay were narrow losers. To find a winner from the tie the 2 low handicappers play extra holes and sadly for us Roger lost on the first.
Our captain was pleased enough with the experience and believes we, as a club, should enter next year.

Thursday 29th June. Multiplication Pairs. Fund Raiser No.4
The latest fun day saw some remarkable individual scoring: Kevin Waterman for example 25 points on front 9; Malcolm Davies 23 on back; as long as they had partners who scored at least a point per hole all would be well. Enough players supported the captain that he raised £108 for club funds. Winning the prizes today were Kevin Waterman and Bob Holloway in 3rd place with 83 pts, 2nd Phil Green with Kevin Room 92, and in first place Paul Chapman and Malcolm Davies with 93.

SUCCESS AT SAPEY. Wednesday 28th June.
Dave Jones and Phil Green with another pair entered the Open Betterball Pairs at Upper Sapey, and came away with first prize, having scored 45 pts. They followed an outward 9 of 23 pts with an equally impressive 22 on the back. Phil’s splendid putting secured many of the points and helped him score a brace of 2s.

Summer Friendly. (12) v South Herefordshire.
Monday 26th saw the 2nd leg of the Captains’ Trophy set up by Dilwyn James and his opposite number a few years ago.Starting with a deficit of 1-6 from the away leg, we needed a near miracle to wrest the trophy from their hands; we failed but came close with a 5-2 win. David O’Dowd and Mike Williams won in style 6&4, but were pipped in the best win stakes by Alan Hooper and Ian Robertson who won with 5 holes to spare. The day will be remembered by Kevin Waterman, not for his narrow defeat with Bob Gerbez 2&1 but for his hole-in-one on our 11th hole. W6 L6.

Summer Friendly (11) v The Herefordshire.
Our team played well in the heat at Wormsley on Tuesday, but came away only with pride in a good performance, and almost inevitably an away defeat. Pete Sandall and Mike Williams were the biggest winners; but the match was lost 2.5-3.5. Record now W5 L6.
South Hereford await on Monday at Ford Bridge; we need to overturn a 1-6 deficit to regain the Captains’ Trophy, established in the reign of Dilwyn James.
Newtown Cup.
A Stableford competition off the white tees attracted 39 players. Mike Privett was the clear winner with 40 pts, Dave Jones came 2nd with 38, and the 2 Malcolms, Davies and Clark, 3rd and 4th with 36.

Winter Pairs.
Congratulations to Phil Green and the ever improving Kevin Waterman on winning the long postponed Winter Pairs Final. Victory was achieved by defeating John Lucas and Phil Truscott.

June Medal.
Rain fell on the unlucky committee members who were the early starters but later, after 40 mins or so, the sun made its appearance and a glorious day was enjoyed by all; surprising then that the competition scratch was a high 71, thus affecting both good scores and poor alike.
The full result can be found on masterscoreboard, but congratulations to Dave Jones gross 78 net 66 on winning div won and securing his President’s Cup place for overall winner; to Alan Hooper gross 81 net 68 for 2nd in div 1; to Mike Barrington gross 95 net 69 for winning div 3 and to Terry Carver 2nd in div 3 gross 99 net 76. David O’Dowd, after a low 41 on the front 9 carded 50 on the back, and to his amazement but not embarrassment took 1st place in div 2 with a net 75; Mike Williams gross 95 net 76 was 2nd.

Wednesday 14th June. Working Party.
Following Cyril’s request for volunteers a party of 5, Vince, Alan Hooper, Terry Carver, Bob Holloway and Dave Jull joined him on a lovely warm Wednesday morning at 10.30 and helped to remove 5 of the unsightly winter tees. The scalpings beneath were scraped up and then deposited on the pathway between the 4th and 12th fairways. A good morning’s work was followed by “payment” of a drink and a bacon roll in the clubhouse. The next occasion will be publicised here, when the remaining 8 tees will be tackled; probably in 2 sessions of 4 per session.

Summer Friendly v Ludlow at Ford Bridge. Monday 12th June.
A win at home following recent defeats on the road. Only 1 pair lost and the big winners in the 4.5 – 1.5 victory were Terry Carver with Kevin Rivers who won 5&4, a score matched by Ray Chambers with Bob Gerbez. Our record now W5 L5.
Next match next Tuesday 12 p.m.away at Wormsley v The Herefordshire.
Working Party. Wednesday 14th.
Seniors with shovels required if possible at 10.a.m. on Wednesday to remove some unsightly winter tee boxes.Maximum of 2 hours work, with light banter in good company, followed by refreshment then 9 holes of club day.

Invitation Pairs. Thursday 8th June.
So much hard work by Richard Cattermole, so much generosity by those who had invited partners from other clubs, and by those who donated such good and so many raffle prizes and all for nothing, as the monsoon conditions which hit the course in the early afternoon meant it was all for nothing. A few early starters finished their round but the vast majority simply could not carry on as all greens were flooded and appeared as lakes, while rivers of water cascaded down our sloping paths washing away so much of them, and creating more repair work for the greenkeepers.

Fred Dobson Trophy.
A Mixed Greensome competition which had a record number of pairs, even though the weather was wet and windy at the start with a wilder, wetter period forecast. This is a difficult format and no pair reached par of 36, but 3 did score over 30 and these took the prizes. In 3rd place with 34pts Vince Fish and Geraldine Kelly who were beaten on cb by Kevin Room with Liz Moore, but winners on 35 were Alan Hooper with Carol Gardner. Np on 6th for the ladies was Geraldine Kelly and for the men John Price.
Thursday 1st June. Fund Raiser No. 3.
11 groups of 3 took on the challenge of a 3 man beast this week. This proved to be popular ( at least a blob did not ruin the hole for others in the group) and successful, since over half of the groups were under par(72). Eventual winners by 1 point with 79 were Malcolm Clark, Ron Plant and Bill Brown.

Summer Friendly No. 9. Away v South Herefordshire.
The first leg of the Captains’ Trophy was played on Friday 2nd June on the sloping fairways and long clover rough of South Hereford. Only Kevin Waterman and Mike Williams came away with a win, so we need to overturn a 1 – 6 deficit in the return leg later this month if we want to regain the Captains’ Trophy. Several matches were close (2 & 1)so there is hope.

Thursday 25th May. Fund Raiser.
9 groups of 4 contested the 2nd fun fund raiser of the summer; this week’s format a yellow ball competition.
3 groups proved that if the yellow ball scores the team does well and when the player with the responsibility fails there is no hope. The following 3 groups are to be congratulated not only for their success on their scoring on the course but also for completing their cards accurately and neatly.
Taking the prizes were in 3rd place Dilwyn James, Bill Brown, Jimmy Lindsay and Derek Langford 141 pts; in 2nd with 145 Ian Robertson, Charlie Tune, Terry Bufton, and David O’Dowd; and the winners with a massive 164 pts Kevin Waterman, Ed Jones, Graham Flowers and Cyril Jennings.

A plea from ALL the reliable players for ALL members in team events to make sure if you enter that you see when you are playing; you ruin the day for your playing partners if you fail to arrive, whether it is a four ball , a 3 man beast or even a pair. The committee will be looking to impose sanctions on the non attenders in future. These fun team events are more fun than yet another individual stableford but they are much harder for the competition sec to organise and require an element of responsibility from our playing members.

The secretary apologises for a briefer report than usual; much has been happening while he was away avoiding the Mafia in Sicily.

2 summer friendlies, on successive Mondays away from Ford Bridge, brought 2 defeats: in match 7 we lost at Little Lakes, and a week later we suffered the same result at Alexander Park; this makes our record won 4 lost 4 so far.

May Medal Thursday 18th May.
This included the postponed Captain’s Drive-in, and 49 players were grateful to Vince for providing a free tipple on the completion of their round. Vince himself won div 1 with a gross 83 net 69 followed by Terry Bufton gross 84 net 70. Mike Williams best net of the day 67 took the honours in div 2 followed by Derek Langford gross 84 net 68, and Trevor Perry gross 96 net 73 pipped David Stacey gross 102 net 23 in div 3. Steve Cadney making a rare appearance had the lowest gross 76, and Jimmy Lindsay, Richard Cattermole and Kevin Room won the balls sweep.

Open Texas Scramble.
Our 2nd Open of the week attracted 20 entries with 11 clubs represented. A beautiful May day with the course in excellent condition. Winners were Bob Holloway, Kevin Waterman, Rod Garvey and Bryan Leech with a gross 64 net 55.9; in 2nd place Messrs Chapman, Morris, Stephens and Jones gross 63 net 57.1 beating into 3rd place with same gross but net 57.7 Adrian Gale, Dave Botwood, Bernard Hughes and Ray Chambers, who were the only players to score 2 2s and thus shared 48 balls.
Spot prizes were won by Paul Oatley for np on 6th, Kevin Waterman np on 14, Robert Harris long drive on 8, and David Leeson from Minchinhampton for np in 2 on 18.
Everyone enjoyed a super day and we thank Ian Robertson and Vince Fish for a superbly organised event which ran like clockwork. All eyes are on the Open Pairs in July, and the Invitation Pairs in June. Find a partner for both and let us show the world what a great course we have at Ford Bridge.

The observant members have noticed a cleaner and re-decorated changing area; our thanks are due to captain Vince and Richard Cattermole for their time and effort in achieving this result.

Next committee meeting is the day of the June Medal; if you have any issues which you would like discussed please mention them to any committee member before then.

Open Mixed Greensome.
Our 3rd running of this interesting event in recent times drew the biggest entry so far with 21 pairs taking to the course. 12 golf clubs were represented and it was good to see 2 away pairs in the first 3.
Winning for the 2nd time was Kath Parsons, this year with the Seniors immediate Past Captain, Ian Robertson; the handicap sec might be looking at their 42 pts with interest! In 2nd place with 40 pts came Mike and Ann Belshaw from Church Stretton, and 3rd on cb with 36 were Hugh and Debbie from Newtown.

Summer Friendly No.6 v Builth Wells. Home. Thursday 4th May.
Our 2nd match this week brought a different result – being at home we expected to win and so it proved with a convincing 4.5 – 0.5. Our course was looking and playing very well and despite the dry conditions is a credit to the groundstaff. Record so far:P6.W4.L2
Meanwhile an extra Stableford had been arranged for the remainder and 27 players enjoyed the wonderful conditions. Congratulations to Keven Rivers on winning with 41 pts.

Two Opens next week: Monday a Mixed Greensome with our Ladies and Thursday our annual Open Texas Scramble. Still room for entries in both.

Summer Friendly No.5 v Bransford. Away. Tuesday 2nd May.
Beautiful day, warmer than of late; beautiful fairways, fewer wild ducks and geese than in some years, and well prepared greens. No excuses then for not playing well; but 4 of our 6 pairs found a way to lose; only Ray Chambers with Rod Garvey (1 up) and Alan Hooper with John Lucas (2 up) had victories. John also had the distinction of being the most accurate of our team on the 15th a par 3 where nearest the pin secured a sleeve of balls.
Back at Ford Bridge v Builth Wells on Thursday for 5 pairs- tee off 11 a.m. following an official alternative for the rest.

Thursday 27th April. National Seniors Club Classic v Mile End Golf Club.
Our team of 4 in this competition discovered they had to play singles matches in this first ever match for us. We lost 1.5 to 2.5. Our winner was Alan Hooper 3 & 2, and Dave Jones secured the half. Vince Fish and Jimmy Lindsay lost close matches. A lovely course with most greens defended by a necklace of bunkers; all matches played in good spirit.

Meanwhile back at Ford Bridge the Senior competition was a 3 man multiplier – great fun unless one of the trio failed to score; big points available for those who did score. Well done to Phil Green’s trio on winning with 132 pts. Perhaps a 3 man addition would be less frustrating!

Summer Friendly No.4 v Alexander Park at Home.Monday 24th April
A comprehensive win over the men from Alexander Park in our 2nd home fixture of the summer. Bob Holloway and Trevor Perry led the way with a 3&2 victory, closely followed by Andy Timmer and Terry Carver 4&3; when Kevin Rivers and Bob Gerbez equalled this achievement we were 3 up. The opposition took heart from the next match in as they had a 6&5 win, but our last 2 pairs both won to seal a 5 – 1 win.

We wish our 2 pairs of players the best of luck as they head to Mile End on Thursday in the first round of the National Seniors Team Championship. Those remaining at Ford Bridge have the first of the summer’s fun games – a 3 man multiplier.

Bircher Bowl/Tedd Trophy.
How amazing! In the wet winter months we long for dry hard fairways so that we can get some run from our drives and get nearer the greens if not on them in fewer shots. But the fairways were lovely today and the greens had fully recovered from their Spring maintenance fortnight, so why was there only one player under the par of 70?
In the Bircher Bowl only 6 of 23 players broke 90: well done Richard Cattermole who scored the lowest gross 82, and congratulations to the winner Bryan Leech gross 88 net 70 with hcap cut to 17.Kevin Room gross 86 net 71 was 2nd.
Malcolm Clark had his best round ( but it should have been better) since joining us, and had a gross 88 net 67 to take the Tedd and earn a 2 shot hcap cut, with John Stevenson gross 93 net 71 2nd.There was not a single 2.
Malcolm and Bryan take their places in the President’s Cup.

The first extra Stableford competition of the summer was held on Thursday to keep members not at Forest Hills occupied, and it was a case of Kerry and Perry keeping merry; congratulations to Kerry Price for his 42 points, and Trevor Perry for his 38; both were cut to add to their pleasure of voucher prizes.

The draw for the summer singles and pairs competitions is posted on the noticeboard -first round in both to be played by 31st May. £3 entry to be paid before you play.
New sign up sheets are also on the board.
Summer Friendlies (2) and (3)
2 matches this week, both away. First on Tuesday at Wharton Park – a lovely course, but a team notoriously difficult to beat on their own patch and so it proved again as we lost 1-6; our 1 point coming from 2 halved games. Then on Thursday we had our annual trip into the Forest of Dean to play Forest Hills; their course was being prepared for a Gloucestershire championship and reflected the hard work and effort being put in – super fast greens and well manicured fairways, which suited our players, as we came away with a 4-3 win. Both matches were scheduled to be 12 per side but at the request of the opposition, vice-captain Bob manged to field 14; all 14 must realise that they are obliged to play in the return match at Ford Bridge later in the summer.
At the weekend there was much gnashing of teeth at the state of our greens; complaints were uttered and written. Today, Wednesday 12th April I am delighted to report that the greens were in super condition, as were the fairways.
Yesterday 11th April 4 Seniors helped Cyril clearing the wood of fallen twigs and branches between the 15th and 16th fairways. 5 men gave up 2 hours in the morning to achieve what would have taken 1 greenkeeper 10 hours to do – this has enabled the greenkeepers to apply themselves to more specialised work. Cyril expressed his thanks to Vince Fish, Terry Carver, Ron Plant and Alan Hooper.

April Medal.
A glorious day of sunshine for our April Medal.
Drier conditions and ironed greens did not mean the course played any easier as the SS score indicates being 70 off the yellows.Mike Barrington winning div 3 with a gross 92 net 68 was the only player under par and takes his place in the Presidents Cup next October.2nd to him in div 3 was John Stevenson with gross 95 net 73. In div 2 Phil Green was winner with gross 87 net 71 edging out Malcolm Clark by 1 with a net 72 gross 93. In div 1 Gary Monk was winner gross 82 net 70, with Kevin Room gross 87 net 72 in 2nd place. Congratulations to these plus those skilful enough to gain a 2 – Bill Brown, John Stevenson, Kevin Room and Richard Cattermole.

Next Tuesday 11th April. Help on the course with Cyril; arrive 9.a.m. to help make the course respectable for visitors in our forthcoming Opens.

Summer Friendly No.1 v Knighton at Leominster.Wednesday 5th April.
Bob Holloway stood in for Vince who is still recovering from his operation, and led the team to an admirable 4-1 victory. We trialled the new dress code and eating arrangements and everyone seemed happy with the changes; perhaps this will encourage more members to sign up for the matches, since it can be a cheaper day with less formality – two of the reasons why people have shown reluctance in the recent past. Biggest winners on the day were Pete Sandall and Terry Carver who won 5 and 3. The only losers were Kevin Waterman and Alan Hooper who were shot down with 5 holes to play by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Sheets are on the board for 2 matches next week – Wharton Park and Forest Hills.

AGM and TEXAS SCRAMBLE Thursday 30th March.
Heavy rain at the start of the day led the Captain to decide wisely that we would have our AGM first and take to the course in a shotgun start afterwards.
The Scramble which followed had some fascinating statistics: the computer gave the first 4 groups a net score of 61; the top 8 of 16 were separated by only 2 shots, and the next 8 by a further 5.
Congratulations to Keith Ellis, Gary Monk and Norman Whittal on coming first, and to Jimmy Lindsay, Steve Palmer and Kevin Rivers on 2nd place.There were several 2s but to win a share of the 2s stake 2 x 2 were needed! Winning the balls were Malcolm Clark with Phil Green and David O’Dowd, and Mike Barrington with Ron Plant and Kevin Waterman.

Captain’s Drive-in.
This event will coincide with the May Medal not April Medal as advertised owing to the incapacity of our new Captain.