A Guide to Competition Handicaps

for Established LGC Members.


It is possible to hold no handicap, an official CONGU* non-competition handicap or a Competition handicap. The last is most valuable to club golfers who wish to play competitions and other courses. It permits the holder to prove their handicap worldwide, play in competitions throughout the British Isles and to win competition prizes.

Handicaps can no longer be changed on the basis of one or two good or bad cards.They are now automatically and accurately updated after all qualifying competitions by Handicap Master software which complies with Rules of Golf and CONGU requirements. The CONGU Unified Handicap System is transparent so any member can use Handicap Master to view their own playing history and that of any other member. Below are real LGC examples.

150424 DRG PerforanceVsHcap 150424 BM PerforanceVsHcap

Remember, a handicap is like high jump; clear a new “height” once and that is your handicap. It is normal only to play to handicap a few times per year, unless you are improving.

There are provisions for the Handicap Committee to adjust handicaps on medical grounds, general play adjustment, the computer generated Continuous Handicap Review or via the annual review.

* CONGU: Council of National Golf Unions (of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland).

Supplementary Cards.

New Members

If a handicap has not been held then a minimum of 3 cards must be submitted.

Existing or Lapsed C-Handicappers.

  1. Any member, except Category 1 players, may return unlimited supplementary cards per year for handicapping purposes. A minimum of 3 qualifying scores per year is required to maintain a CONGU Competition handicap. Category 1 players may only submit supplementary cards between 1st September and 31st December sufficient to maintain a Competition handicap
  2. A supplementary card should be for 18 holes, or 2X matched 9 holes, at LGC, over a measured course (yellow or white tees for men) recording the gross score for each hole.
  3. Each card must be marked and signed “by a responsible person acceptable to the Handicap Committee”* and signed by the player.
  4. The cards “should normally be submitted within a period of 6 months”*.
  5. A score from a qualifying competition is valid as a supplementary score.
  6. Supplementary cards can be submitted at any time provided you signify your intention before playing. Do this via the Pro’ Shop where there is a record book. A marked and signed card must be returned.
  7. The cards are double bogey adjusted and a handicap issued/adjusted according to the best card.