Responsibilities of Qualifying Competition Players.


There are a few but important Player responsibilities:

  1. Know the Rules of Golf! [Or settle doubtful points with the Committee].
  2. On the competition day ensure you are registered [on the Start Sheet or in the LGC Pro’ Shop if a late entry].
  3. Enter your name and current handicap on the score card.
  4. Be on the tee in good time.
  5. Check your gross score with the marker after each hole.
  6. At the end of the round, check all scores and that marker(s) and you have signed the card.
  7. Ensure your card is returned so the Competition Scratch Score can be accurately calculated.

Report all scores from qualifying competitions played on away courses with venue(s) and Competition Scratch Score(s). [Normally done via software of away club but your responsibility].

Competitions and Communications.

LGC is governed by SHUG, England Golf and CONGU. Affiliated Clubs have to use software to handle unified handicaps and competition results; in the case of LGC we use HandicapMaster and Master Scoreboard (MSB).

HandicapMaster is used when members Enter Competition Results into the PC (and, importantly, for many necessary Handicap & Competition administration tasks). It links to MSB.

MSB keeps records of Handicaps, Competition Results, Members’ Handicap & Course Performance Records, Competition Start Sheets, Past & Future Competitions, other Events and Notices.

In order to communicate efficiently to all members:

If playing golf at LGC it is a short walk to The Changing Room and past the Notice Boards. The Notice Boards are therefore the definitive means of communication because they serve both the computer literate and technophobes.

The 2nd line of communication must be via MSB because it is the vital link to the Central Database for Handicaps (CDH) and for the efficient administration of Handicaps & Competitions. If Members have not used MSB it is strongly recommend as worth doing so because it is the source of the Handicap List, Competition Results, Start Sheets etc that appear on the Notice Boards. It can be accessed directly from the LGC Website. (Anybody unsure can contact Comps Sec or many other Members who have experience using it).

It is not possible to place, for example, a spreadsheet of results on MSB so, as a 3rd line of communication, such files will be placed on LGC Website/Facebook with a simple Reference Notice on MSB.